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I recently ordered a set of window regulators for my 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix GT 2 door promptly shipped my order and they arrived in good condition.

I took the parts to the shop to install. The repair shop told me, after charging me two hours of labor that neither regulator was good but they could sell me some they had at to get me handled. I told them to hold off until I could contact DirectAuto and see what was going on. I called the directauto toll free tech line and spoke with a very nice and knowledgeable person whom stated that though uncommon they could both be defective and he would ship me a set of new ones.

He asked me to either check or have my install shop check one thing which was the switch as both units were bad. I went back to my repair shop and when they checked the switch found that it was my problem and neither my original parts nor the parts I received from were bad. They reassembled my car with a new switch and my original parts and I went on my way with a functioning car. I contact directauto back and asked even though their parts were not bad and it had been my shops and indirectly my error on the diagnosis if I could return the parts.

They said that would be OK and emailed me a RMA to use for return of the parts. I shipped them back as instructed and had my refund (less freight ofcourse) in less than 5 days after they got the parts back. did not have to take the parts back. It was my fault and the parts are electrical.

But unlike most auto places I have dealt with, is a good company and they are nice people. They understand mistakes are made and helped me in every way.

I will definetely give them my business first when ever one of my vehicles breaks.

Thanks so much for being caring and not sticking it to me.

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Ya f-ing right they did that!I received 2 BAD window motors.

You know how I know they were bad, they were CRACKED!

Screw-bolts falling out...

BullSh-t Company!

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